I am using the Direct Post Method that is built into Magento 2, and when people order products, the order is properly made and entered into the database, and the products actually get shipped, but the order e-mails aren't being sent out, and I can't find the orders from the grid view in the Admin area (however, the latest orders do show up in the Dashboard, and if I increment the order_id, I can access the orders and print out the invoices).

I've tried this on the dev server too, putting it into Developer mode and displaying PHP errors on frontend and admin, and I still don't see any errors, just orders that go through but are not reflected in sales_order_grid and do not result in any e-mail sent from the Magento site (an e-mail is still sent from Authorize.Net itself though).

How can I figure out what's going wrong? Why is sales_order_grid not updated? This particular problem does not happen with pmclain's Authorize.Net CIM (which has its own issues, which is why I switched to Direct Post, at least until Authorize.Net drops support for that) or with the built-in PayPal integration.

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