I have facing issue in Magento ver. 2.2.4 while customer logout then still showing product to the cart.

Actual Result:

Step 1) Login to the customer.

Step 2) Add product to the minicart.

Step 3) Logout the current customer.

Step 4) Still display product in minicart

Expected Result:

After Logout the customer minicart should be empty.


I have find for fix the issue using "Clear Persistence on Sign Out" >> Yes

Magento Admin Path:

Stores >> Configuration >> CUSTOMERS >> Persistent Shopping Cart >> General Options >> Clear Persistence on Sign Out : No to Yes


You have an issue at Private content fetch.

The private content like customer data cart, wishlist, customer data is specific to individual users, it’s reasonable to handle it on the client.

Use our customer-data JS library to store private data in local storage and show at your browser.

See how Magento2 implement Private content

So, it means when you have logout then private content taking time to update.

Also check the Request Url is cache from the server End.

Please check this two factory and you get a clue about the issue from this.

  • As per suggestion you are right. But after checking I have facing issue in "Clear Persistence on Sign Out" set as No. I have set to Yes. After issue has fixed. Thanks for help. – Kirti Nariya Nov 16 '18 at 13:44

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