I am getting an error like

unable to process binding if: function(){return getCartParam('summary_count') }

in magento 2.2.2

I tried below commands

php bin/magento setup:upgrade && php -dmemory_limit=6G bin/magento setup:di:compile && php -dmemory_limit=6G bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy -f && php bin/magento cache:clean && php bin/magento cache:flush

I also remove my overridden template code of minicart.phtml file in my custom theme

Still, I faced this error, anyone has any idea about this error? enter image description here


I just short out this issue, Problem was I override Magento_Theme's default layout xml file

and I also modify to <container name="header-wrapper" label="Page Header" as="header-wrapper" htmlTag="div" htmlClass="header content"> tag that's why minicart was mis behaving

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