I need to create a new website using Magento 2, somehow like eBay, for that I need these features:

  • possibility to create a store with an administration panel for other sellers to sell their products

  • using one domain, the sellers' stores are listed under mysite.com/store1, mysite.com/store2 ...

  • each seller has access to manage his store, products, price promotions, orders, shipments, check payements ...

  • on the Magento admin, it is necessary to have the possibility to manage the sellers's accounts, enable, disable, view the statistics, orders, products, promotions, shipments, transactions etc., with the possibility to modify and to delete. .

  • my site will get a percentage on all other store sales based on the store's product category

What is the best way to do this using Magento 2.

Thank you


I've been using this Magento 2 Marketplace Extension for several projects, and its been running well so far. This extension will allow customer to register as a merchant and create a magento 2 products then they can sell it. You can also customize this extension according to your needs.


As per your query it is time consuming to develop marketplace from scratch. so i would like to suggest you to buy third party marketplace extension and achieve your thing in short time.

Here are the some list of marketplace it help to full-fill your requirement.

  1. Rocketbazaar.com
  2. Webkul.com
  3. landofcoder.com
  4. www.apptha.com

I hope it helps!

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