I have been using MAGE for about 2 months now and I am a Neophyte to front and back end. I am looking for a little guidance in changing form "developer" to "production" mode. I don't use the CL, I use a combo of my FTP access and CMS.

  1. What is the order of changing modes?
  2. What cashe folders do I delete?

I changed modes by going to:

  1. app/etc/ and opening env.php
  2. then I changed MAGE_MODE' => 'developer' to MAGE_MODE' => 'production'

I have read that I have to delete the files in the cash folders.

  1. What should I do first? Delete cashe or change modes?
  2. Which folders and which files should I clear from what file paths?(In the examples I have seen the file structure is different from mine).

I have read a few articles and posts on when to use which mode but I am still a little unclear. Could you give me examples of what mode to use for what?

  1. Developer mode: What tasks should I do in this mode?
  2. Production mode: What tasks should I do in this mode?

I hope this is not too tall an order to ask. So please forgive my newness to Magento.


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After doing a bit more research and taking chances with the back-end by renaming folders to find my way, I answered a few of my questions. This is what worked for me. Hopefully this can help you.

In my research I have found very different background layouts. I offer this as a log of what worked for me, nothing more.

What is the order of changing modes?

  1. I deleted my cache folders first. var/cache and var/page_cache

  2. I remade both folders with their same names in the original folder they were in.

  3. Found file: app/etc/env.php

  4. found the code line MAGE_MODE' => 'developer'

  5. Then changed it to MAGE_MODE' => 'production'

  6. Then I saved the file in the same folder.

  7. I logged out

  8. Then logged back in.

As far as my last 2 questions I did not found a succinct list of things that should be done in either of the 2 modes. However, I did get a feel for what they are for.

  • Developer mode: What tasks should I do in this mode? Anything that builds the structure of the site. Any kind of app or theme development. It sounded like you don't ever have to be in this mode.

  • Production mode: What tasks should I do in this mode? This mode is for content building and general site behavior. It sounded like you use this 90% of the time.

I arrived at the these answers after 4 hours of research and conversing with a Siteground Magento2.2.4 representative.

Again thank you so much for letting me pose these questions to the community. This is what worked for me. Please remember this is a log based on my experience. Hope it helps.

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