Is it possible to get the SQL condition like this:

WHERE ( (field_1 = 'a' AND field_2 = 'b') OR (field_1 = 'c' AND field_2 = 'd') OR ... ) ?

using addFieldToFilter() method?

I know about getSelect() method. The question about addFieldToFilter method only.

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Hey In my knowledge we can do it not same as you mentioned in your question but yes likely we can do it as:

        array('attribute'=> 'someattribute','like' => 'value'),
        array('attribute'=> 'otherattribute','like' => 'value'),
        array('attribute'=> 'anotherattribute','like' => 'value'),

here in array we need to specify the attribute and value and it will give you output as in where clause like:

WHERE ((someattribute LIKE 'value') OR (otherattribute LIKE 'value') OR (anotherattribute LIKE 'value'))

For more information you can look into this answer too.Hope this help.

  • Thanks, but I asked about addFieldToFilter method, not addAttributeToFilter. I use a simple (not-EAV) collection.
    – sergei.sss
    Commented Nov 13, 2018 at 6:53

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