I'm trying to implement an e-commerce site (using Magento 2) that has the following requirements:

  1. be available in N countries (eg http://example.com/country_code/ )
  2. with X languages
  3. share the same price
  4. Currency changes depending on the selected country

The initial idea is to create 1x website with 1x store with N store-views

However, I wanted to reuse the content in countries that share the same language base (eg: English in the US and UK)

It becomes impracticable to add or change the same content to several different store-views.

Do you know the best Magento practice to handle this issue, or if there is a module from a Magento partner to manage a multi-locale and multi-language store?

Thank you

  • Did you find a solution ? I have the same "issue" – Romstach Aug 24 '19 at 15:46

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