Product categories and Catalog product rule indexes are not running on a scheduled cron. Is this normal?

Magento Indexers

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There are couple of things you can check.

  1. Check if after changing those indexer into Update by schedule mode you can see tables catalog_category_product_cl and catalog_product_category_cl. If not you need to debug why changing mode is not creating them.
  2. Check if triggers that should fill these tables are created with commands in the database: show triggers where statement like "%catalog_category_product_cl%"; and show triggers where statement like "%catalog_product_category_cl%";. When I checked 2.2.6 clean version I see 6 and 9 triggers respectively.
  3. Do some changes by editing the category or product and see if %_cl tables are updated with ids of the changed entity
  4. Check table cron_schedule for entries with job_code set to indexer_update_all_views. See if the result is success or error and if they were actually run.
  5. If enabling only them or only 1 of them is working but not with others that could mean some other indexer is causing an error and the processor is not reaching this particular indexer.
  6. If you see Reindex Required status that means some module marked this indexer as invalid but the %_cl tables are probably not updated. This status should be updated by cron indexer_reindex_all_invalid. Check cron_schedule table if you see it fired and executed without errors.
  • If those triggers don't exists, how do I create them? Mar 18, 2022 at 11:54

You need to change the indexer mode to update on schedule by running the below command

php bin/magento indexer:set-mode schedule

You can check the mode by running the below command

php bin/magento indexer:show-mode

You can change the mode to update on save by running the below command

php bin/magento indexer:set-mode save

Refer this link for breief explanation regarding indexer command

  • I see cache getting invalidated in frequent intervals if I change the indexer mode to update on schedule.
    – Zoya
    Nov 10, 2018 at 8:23

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