After upgrading to Magento Community 2.2.6 the setup wizard required me to enter my access keys again. Every time I try to add my public and private keys from my Magento Marketplace account the server returns the following error:

Invalid response line returned from server: HTTP/2 200

The actual response from the /setup/index.php/marketplace/save-auth-json call is {"success":false,"message":"Invalid response line returned from server: HTTP/2 200 \r\n"}

Magento 2.2.6 Apache/2.4.37 PHP 7.1

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There is a problem with HTTP/2 and does not validates SSL when try to connect to marketplace. I found the connections opens and closed immediately before user / pass validation.

A solution for this problem that worked in my case is to change the following code in


at around line number 435

class Curl implements \Magento\Framework\HTTP\ClientInterface

protected function parseHeaders($ch, $data)
if ($this->_headerCount == 0) {
$line = explode(" ", trim($data), 3);
// if (count($line) != 3) {
+ if (count($line) < 2) {
$this->doError("Invalid response line returned from server: " . $data);
$this->_responseStatus = intval($line[1]);

you can override above method as well and then implement above fix.

I hope this will work for you too!!


This is caused by a header verification method within the Magento2 framework that isn't compatible with HTTP/2 shorter headers.

In order to patch this issue one would have to proceed to the following override:




if (count($line) != 3) {
    $this->doError("Invalid response line returned from server: " . $data);


if (count($line) != 3 && strpos($data, "HTTP/2") === false) {
    $this->doError("Invalid response line returned from server: " . $data);

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