Main question is:
What is the layout file for



Here is some background why I needed that:
I am making custom module that will have similar functionality as Magento_Sales modules (pages where admin can create new order). I've copied all needed files form Magento_Sales module, and at the end I can't figure out what is layout for


As you can see on github Link there is no layout file sales_order_create_loadblock.xml

In LoadBlock execute method
there is some code for adding handle

foreach ($blocks as $block) {
  $resultPage->addHandle('sales_order_create_load_block_' . $block);

for each block, but I can't find where the main layout file is included.

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I've walked via xdebug and figured out the basic layout functionality for this.

There is two layout handlers for this controller: default and sales_order_create_loadblock

When a result page is created

/** @var \Magento\Framework\View\Result\Page $resultPage */
$resultPage = $this->resultPageFactory->create();

only these two handlers are added. After that, for each block another handler is added, but that is obviously from the controller's code.

According to Magento's documentation if file


doesn't exist, the controller will use


(in this case file from admin theme,


merged will all others default.xml files from active modules and themes).

So, the answer is not so simple for me, but now I understand how layout system works

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