Admin role have no permissions, when I log in I just see only a extensions. How to reset permission in database MAGENTO 2 version?

  • try to access your database and go to authorization_role table, see your role name and update value for parent_id to be 1. hope this works
    – mrfizh
    Nov 8 '18 at 3:25
  • Did you try with this soluton? magento.stackexchange.com/a/124429/33057 Nov 8 '18 at 3:32
  • I did it but still same. I called hosting service and they uploaded database backup. No problem now. Thank you so much.
    – EK.
    Nov 8 '18 at 17:18

[ Magento 2.x.x ]

Yes I also done this When I make First time in Module acl.xml and I was check it whether it works or not.

I try to create a Admin user one, two , three.... and no Admin user access, because I remove All Administrators's Role.

then I done Below thing to get All Admin user's Role ( Reset Role ).

Note:- use mysqldump to back up your databases before doing anything further

Step-1: Back up below Tables

    Table 1 :-  admin_user
    Table 1 :-  authorization_role
    Table 1 :-  authorization_rule

Step-2: truncate Above three Table using truncate command ( not using DELETE command )

truncate table [ Table Name ];

Step-3: insert new User in with All Roles , Run below three Command

  1. This insert data into admin_user table

    INSERT INTO admin_user (user_id, firstname, lastname, email, username, password, created, modified, logdate, lognum, reload_acl_flag, is_active, extra, rp_token, rp_token_created_at, interface_locale, failures_num, first_failure, lock_expires, refresh_token) VALUES (1, 'admin', 'admin', 'admin@gmail.com', 'admin', '45cf9053530ceb9fde49794d9e6d81fd2ce481b0136067986a5c9bc139a7d08f:FivE4hOQqPtW1xdE:2', '2019-07-23 10:48:31', '2019-09-09 13:20:42', '2019-09-09 13:20:42', 46, 0, 1, '{"configState":{"contact_contact":"1","web_default_layouts":"0","web_default":"1","web_secure":"1","web_seo":"1","web_unsecure":"1","wishlist_wishlist_link":"1","wishlist_email":"1","wishlist_general":"1","admin_emails":"0","admin_startup":"0","dev_front_end_development_workflow":"1","dev_restrict":"0","dev_debug":"1","dev_template":"0","sw_megamenu_general":"1","newsletter_general":"1","newsletter_subscription":"1","dev_js":"0","admin_security":"0","admin_url":"0","admin_dashboard":"0","admin_captcha":"0","sw_megamenu_custom_links":"1","sw_megamenu_cat_labels":"1","cms_wysiwyg":"1","catalog_frontend":"1","catalog_fields_masks":"0","catalog_review":"1","catalog_productalert":"1","catalog_productalert_cron":"1","catalog_placeholder":"1","catalog_recently_products":"1","catalog_product_video":"0","catalog_price":"0","catalog_layered_navigation":"1","catalog_search":"0","catalog_seo":"0","catalog_navigation":"1","catalog_downloadable":"1","catalog_custom_options":"0","layered_navigation_module":"1","layered_navigation_general":"1","carriers_flatrate":"1","carriers_freeshipping":"1","carriers_tablerate":"1","carriers_temando":"1","carriers_ups":"1","carriers_usps":"1","carriers_fedex":"1","carriers_dhl":"1","shipping_origin":"1","shipping_shipping_policy":"1","tax_vertex_settings":"1","tax_classes":"1","tax_calculation":"1","tax_defaults":"1","tax_display":"1","tax_cart_display":"1","tax_sales_display":"1","tax_weee":"1","tax_vertex_seller_info":"0","tax_vertex_delivery_terms":"0","tax_avaiable_shipping_product_codes":"0","tax_vertex_logging":"0","dev_grid":"0","dev_static":"0","dev_image":"0","dev_css":"0","dev_translate_inline":"0","general_store_information":"1","general_single_store_mode":"1","general_locale":"1","general_region":"1","general_country":"1","productinquiry_general_option":"1","productinquiry_google_captcha":"1","productinquiry_email_setting":"1","trans_email_ident_general":"1","product_attachment_general":"1","product_attachment_display_configuration":"1"}}', NULL, NULL, 'en_US', 0, NULL, NULL, NULL);

  2. This insert Data into authorization_role table

    INSERT INTO authorization_role (role_id, parent_id, tree_level, sort_order, role_type, user_id, user_type, role_name) VALUES (1, 0, 1, 1, 'G', 0, '2', 'Administrators'), (2, 1, 2, 0, 'U', 1, '2', 'admin');

  3. This insert Data into authorization_rule

    INSERT INTO authorization_rule (rule_id, role_id, resource_id, privileges, permission) VALUES (1, 1, 'Magento_Backend::all', NULL, 'allow');

Step-4: Run below Magento Command

    php bin/magento set:up;
    php bin/magento s:s:d -f ;
    php bin/magento c:f ;
    php bin/magento c:c ;

Step-5: Run your Admin login and try below username and password to login.

    username :- admin
    Password :- admin@123

If above user not working create an new admin user in terminal click here

Now your Administrators Role are Reset to default.

I Hope This Helps You.

  • and next time you have to create another user role which have same as a admin role but not a exactly same to same role for next time this problem not create
    – Msquare
    Sep 21 '19 at 10:11

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