I'm trying to find the date when Invoice was paid in magento.

I know that sales_flat_invoice has created_at and updated_at fields, but I need to know exactly the date when an invoice was paid?


This depends on the payment method you have configured and the customer has selected for his order. For example bank prepayment payment methods do not implement such a feature. You just wait for the customers payment and when the deposit arrives, you create an invoice. The invoice gets status paid immediately. On the other hand, payment methods by misc. payment provider extension implement a capture and a deposit action. When the customer orders, an invoice is generated automatically with status pending and right after the payment has been deposited by the provider, the invoice status may change to paid - again - automatically in background

  • And where usually this deposit action is logged? So reading this log I will know the exact date of payment? – Kostanos Jun 25 '14 at 13:34

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