I am working on updating 3rd party module with local module so i have added all updated files same in local as community module like community module: to local and added updated files.But 50% people saying to write config for this local module to overide.And others saying just copy & paste updated code in local so help me regards

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In my opinion, the right place for a community extension is the community pool.

Then, as for the question https://magento.stackexchange.com/a/248000/50208, I would copy/paste in the local pool only if this is a bug correction. If you have to add a feature, create your own extension (that extends the community extension one) and use rewrite (if the event/observer way is not possible).


You can copy and paste the code to your local folder, I think this way is easier and more manageable. Just make sure to change the code pool under app/etc/modulename.xml!

Here's an example of modulename.xml


See how codepool is local, you will need to change it from community to local.

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