I have Grand total value is 0.5.If grandtotal price is less than 1,we placed order by free payment method.How it can achieve in Magento-2.1?

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Create a shopping cart price rule with the following values:

Rule Information:

  • Customer Groups: NOT LOGGED IN, General, Wholesale, Retailer (and/or any other if you have custom customer groups)
  • Coupon: No Coupon
  • Uses per Customer: 0


  • If ALL of these conditions are TRUE: Subtotal equals or less than 0.5


  • Apply: Percent of product price discount
  • Discount Amount: 100

Rest conditions you can manage as per your requirement.

  • If I have grandtotal is less than 1 like 0.1 to 0.9 after apply Reward Amount and Coupon Discount.I want to placed order using free method in this case. Commented Nov 2, 2018 at 8:18
  • Have you tried above solution? Commented Nov 2, 2018 at 9:00

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