Hey I hope this question isn't to broad but how is the order attached to a customer that is created after guest checkout?

Background to my question:
I want to attach a custom field to my customer. This custom field is acquired in checkout and stored in the order. I tried to receive the order in a observer watching the customer_register_success event:

namespace Vendor\CheckoutCustomerInfo\Observer;

use Magento\Customer\Model\Customer;
use Magento\Framework\Event\Observer;
use Magento\Framework\Event\ObserverInterface;
use Magento\Sales\Model\ResourceModel\Order\CollectionFactoryInterface;

class AddInfoFromOrderToCustomerObserver implements ObserverInterface

    private $collectionFactoryInterface;

    public function __construct(CollectionFactoryInterface $collectionFactoryInterface)
        $this->collectionFactoryInterface = $collectionFactoryInterface;

     * @param Observer $observer
     * @return void
    public function execute(Observer $observer)
         * @var Customer $customer
        $customer = $observer->getCustomer();

        $orders = $this->collectionFactoryInterface->create($customer->getId())->addFieldToSelect(

But in $orders I do not have the order.

Am I doing something wrong with querying the orders of the customer or is it attached somehow different? Is this event to early to get the order?

Thanks in advance!

  • Can you debug further into the button which allows to create a user on the success page? Or is your observer just fired before Magento assigns the order to the customer? – Alex Nov 2 '18 at 9:07

After a bit more debugging I figured out the orders are lazy loaded. I need to call $orders->getItems() or $orders->getFirstItem()in order to have them actually loaded.

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