I need to configure subscription product in Magento 2 while placing an order with Paypal payment option

In Magento 1 I have done this rewriting method the getStandardCheckoutFormFields file Mage_Paypal_Model_Standard

where I can merge the additional params of recurring profile by follwoing way

public function getStandardCheckoutFormFields()
    $result = parent::getStandardCheckoutFormFields();

    $result["redirect_cmd"] = "_xclick-subscriptions";

    $result = array_merge($result, array(

      "a3" => round(500,2),
      "p3" =>"6" ,
      "t3" => "M",
      "src" => "1",
      "sra" => "1",
      "item_name" => "Subscription Product",
      "item_number" => "12345",


    return $result;


How can I do this in Magento 2

I have found instead of form submitting these all things are done by API call from vendor\magento\module-paypal\Model\Api\Nvp.php.

But I don't know how this get here from




file this will be great help if anyone can parse the path.

Thank you


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