I have a problem in Magento 1.9. I have created catalogs and rewrite it to display custom page and product. The rewrites are successful however after re-indexing the default system URL were shown.

These are my steps in URL re-writing:

a. Delete old system URL.

b. Create new URL re-write by selecting custom in the drop-down box.

c. Fill out necessary fields and save.

d. Refresh Magento cache.

The problem is that when I try to re-index, the system URL reverts back. My question is why is it that the old system URL reverts back? and how can i fix this.


The URL for the product or the category is what you have set for it in the url key of the product or category.

Everytime you reindex Magento creates a rewrite for the specified url key.

If you need to change that URL then you need to change the url key in the product or category edit screen.

If you insist on using the rewrite route, then don't delete the system rewrite, instead create a new rewrite from the system rewrite to your desired URL. But don't this is kind of backwards, just set the url key and you'll be fine.

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