How to get order list of customer using graphql.

I have below code to get order list using graphql but can't get it.


type Query {
    salesOrder (
        customer_id: Int @doc(description: "Id of the Sales Order")
    ): SalesOrder @resolver(class: "<vendor>\\<Module>\\Model\\Resolver\\CustomerOrder") @doc(description: "The Sales Order query returns information about a Sales order")

type SalesOrder @doc(description: "Sales Order graphql gather Data of specific order information") {
    order_array: [String] @doc(description: "Array of order list.")


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 * and open the template in the editor.

namespace <Vendor>\<Module>\Model\Resolver;

use Magento\Framework\Exception\NoSuchEntityException;
use Magento\Framework\GraphQl\Config\Element\Field;
use Magento\Framework\GraphQl\Exception\GraphQlInputException;
use Magento\Framework\GraphQl\Exception\GraphQlNoSuchEntityException;
use Magento\Framework\GraphQl\Query\ResolverInterface;
use Magento\Framework\GraphQl\Schema\Type\ResolveInfo;
 * Description of CustomerOrder
 * @author dharmendra
class CustomerOrder implements ResolverInterface
    public function __construct(
        \Magento\Sales\Model\ResourceModel\Order\CollectionFactory $orderCollectionFactory
    ) {
        $this->orderCollectionFactory = $orderCollectionFactory;

     * @inheritdoc
    public function resolve(
        Field $field,
        ResolveInfo $info,
        array $value = null,
        array $args = null
    ) {
        $salesData = $this->getSalesData($args['customer_id']); 
        return $salesData;

     * @param int $orderId
     * @return array
     * @throws GraphQlNoSuchEntityException
    public function getSalesData(int $customerId): array
        try {
            $orders = $this->orderCollectionFactory->create();

            $orderCollection = [];
            foreach($orders as $order) {
                $orderCollection[] = [
                    'increment_id' => $order->getIncrementId(),
                    'grand_total' => $order->getGrandTotal(),
                    'customer_id' => $order->getCustomerId(),
            $orderData['order_array'] = $orderCollection;
        } catch (NoSuchEntityException $e) {
            throw new GraphQlNoSuchEntityException(__($e->getMessage()), $e);
        return $orderData;

I have getting single order details perfect using graphql. But I want to get list of all order placed by customer using graphql.

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For Check What is GraphQL in Magento 2, Read Blog, GraphQl in Magento 2

Check the link, Get List of Orders of Customer using GraphQl Magento 2 full module

For Get List of orders of Customer by customer id, You need to create a schema file for getting a response from Query.

In above you have declared schema file for getting multiple records of order for a specific customer.

type SalesOrder @doc(description: "Sales Order graphql gather Data of specific order information") {
    order_array: [String] @doc(description: "Array of order list.") }

In above order_array is used for getting an array of records but in your resolver, you made mistakes for multiple records.

In $orderCollection[] you need to pass array key for each record and you forgot to add that in your code.

You can try with,

foreach($orders as $k => $order) {
            $orderCollection['order_array'][$k] = [
                'increment_id' => $order->getIncrementId(),
                'grand_total' => $order->getGrandTotal(),
                'customer_id' => $order->getCustomerId(),

Let me know if you have any query.


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