I am new to the Magento world and certain things are a little bit complicated for me. For example I have language pack for german language (code de_DE) purchased and installed. However my shops primary country is set to austria (de_AT).

Now all the language parts appear in english, instead of falling back to the german language. I can however create my own translation (or copy the one I have) for de_AT and then it works, but this is not desired as it creates duplicates and makes the language strings not undateable via the web setup wizard.

How can I achieve my language pack to be used? Shouldn't the fallback be on the main language part and thus fallback to de_DE anyway?

Hope anybody can help.


Servus :)

Have you installad a de_AT language pack? If not, magento does not know to fall back to de_DE, so just set this as you default locale.

If there is an austrian language pack, it shoul inherit from de_DE ... example here: Magento2: how override translates in language pack?

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    Servus, thank you. As i wrote, i do not have an austrian but rather a german language pack. I know i could duplicate it. But inheriting it as you pointed out in the link provided should do the trick :)
    – patman
    Nov 2 '18 at 10:17
  • Just a follow up question here: have you ever done it and might provide an example? It just does not work for me. I have created a language module with de_AT code, which works when i manually include a translation file de_AT.csv. However i want inheritance, and once i remove my csv i have no translations, although i have the<use ..> Tag in my language.xml. I have marketplace.magento.com/dreadyhead-language-de-de.html and tried <use vendor="dreadyhead" package="language-de_de" /> but also other combinations.
    – patman
    Nov 14 '18 at 10:15

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