How to get products name and sku and url key using sql query in magento 2 ?



SELECT nametable.value, 
FROM   `catalog_product_entity_varchar` AS nametable 
       LEFT JOIN catalog_product_entity 
              ON nametable.entity_id = catalog_product_entity.entity_id 
WHERE  nametable.attribute_id = (SELECT attribute_id 
                                 FROM   `eav_attribute` 
                                 WHERE  `entity_type_id` = 4 
                                        AND `attribute_code` LIKE 'name') 

As mentioned like Shashank Kumrawat, Sku value is store at catalog_product_entity and name field value store at catalog_product_entity_varchar

As Magento support multi-store data, So for single SKU, multiple row can be exits.catalog_product_entity_varchar have store id field.If you >> want specific store name then just nametable.store_id = {StoreId}

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You can use directly sql queries in magento2 as shown on this link -

using object manager (not recommended)


Without object manager (recommended)

How to call Direct SQL Queries and join to collection In Magento2

To get SKU, you need to use table catalog_product_entity

and to get product name, need to use table catalog_product_entity_varchar

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