I'm working on Magento 1.9

I can see I have 2 options to rewrite a mage file . First, I just copy the file with the same path in local/mage/.... Second, I use a module and rewrite my method using etc/config.xml

Why there is 2 options ? When should I use the first one , and when should I use the second one ?

Thanks for your answers

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Briefly :

  • I use override if this is a Magento Core Bug correction. I copy/paste the file in the local pool and just add a comment in top of the file to explain the bug and his correction (most of times there is a link to a stackoverflow question ...)

  • I use rewrite if I have to add or modify a feature (and when this is not possible to do this with an event/observer)


You should do the difference between override and rewrite

rewrite = is when you rewrite: controllers, models, blocks, via xml

override = is when you copy the file from app/code/core to app/code/local

All rewrites are overrides, but not all overrides are rewrites, for exemple tha abstract classes, we can't rewrite them but, we can override.

More informations in benmarks explanation.

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