I have been having an issue with Paypal changing the status of an order at random sometimes half a dozen times to things like Paypal Pending Payment, Cancelled, Processing, Complete, Complete (This was an actual order that was changed exactly like this by Paypal). I would like to just block Paypal from doing anything other than changing the status to Processing, but I can't for the life of me figure out how to do that. I also have two Magento Experts on hand and neither of them know how to do it either.

This issue has been happening randomly on and off for the past year, with the issue sometimes not occuring for weeks or months, then suddenly, it will happen at random for a couple weeks, then stop for weeks or months again.

Is there some way to program Magento to ignore changes that Paypal is trying to make to the order status? I have been searching for days and have come up empty.

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