I have installed Magento, in which I have not written a single line of code there and not any custom or third party module installed there.

I have just created few categories and products at backend.

When I go category page (product listing page) at forntend, filter are not visible there below category filter.

enter image description here

There is an attribute color, I have assigned it on products.

But this attribute is not visible at frontend. Below are the things which I have checked double and sure about --

1) I have assigned color attribute to Default attribute set.

2) color attribute has Use In Layered Navigation option set to Filterable (with result)

3) Have cleared cache and reindex.


Besides the attribute settings, you also need to check each category. I.E. the category needs to be anchored.

While editing the category, go to the Display Settings tab and check that Is Anchor set to yes.

possible solutions are

  1. Click on category->display setting-> Is anchor set to "Yes".
  2. Open attribute and set layered navigation -> yes.
  3. If still not working, reindex from system->index management
  • thanks@hit's , it worked. Human always do silly mistakes :) – Shashank Kumrawat Oct 23 '18 at 10:44
  • great! welcome, yeah you are right Shashank. :) – Hitesh Oct 23 '18 at 10:45

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