working in Magento 1.9 I want to remove the "orders and returns" from the footer

went into the sales.xml file and commented out

<!--<reference name="footer_links2">
<block type="sales/guest_links" name="return_link"/>
<action method="addLinkBlock"><blockName>return_link</blockName></action>

but now the orders and returns link appears when the user is as a guest and disappears when he is logged in

I also tried to search multiple files for the keyword "orders and return" but in vain.

Any suggestions, please?


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There is a better way to remove element. you need to create a local.xml at


With following content:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<layout version="0.1.0">
        <reference name="footer_links2">
            <remove name="return_link" />

Above code will remove Orders and Returns link for all customer

  • If <remove name="return_link" /> doesn't work, then try replace it with <action method="removeLinkBlock"><name>return_link</name></action>
    – kiatng
    Commented Nov 11, 2020 at 9:16

By default Magento will only show that link to guest users.
The code you commented out in app/design/frontend/rwd/default/layout/sales.xml points to block type="sales/guest_links”.
Take a look in app/code/core/Mage/Sales/Block/Guest/Links.php you will see that it first checks if the user is not logged in and only then does it show him the link to “Orders and Returns”

class Mage_Sales_Block_Guest_Links extends Mage_Page_Block_Template_Links_Block
     * Set link title, label and url
    public function __construct()
        if (!Mage::getSingleton('customer/session')->isLoggedIn()) {
            $this->_label = $this->__('Orders and Returns');
            $this->_title = $this->__('Orders and Returns');
            $this->_url = $this->getUrl('sales/guest/form');

As with all config and layout changes in Magento, you must flush the cache for the changes to take effect.

So, flush your cache and that link will never show up again.

  • ah i understand but I pressed on all those flush cache buttons and indexed everything already but nothing changes
    – Sara Kat
    Commented Oct 23, 2018 at 9:30

To change footer links, check these links--

1) first link

2) second link

Let me know if you still have issue .

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