After installation of this module: https://github.com/Smile-SA/elasticsuite/ the front-end is now messed up. Installed using composer. Magento ver. 2.2.4 with ElasticSuite 2.6.x latest release.

In the console I get:

GET http://www.example.co.uk/static/version1540202793/frontend/Venustheme/body_fitness_child/en_GB/css/styles-m.css 404 (Not Found)

I cleared the cache and even deployed static content again, however, the error is still present.

Anyone have experience or is using this module? Any suggestions?

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I found a solution...

I had no error logs because for some reason file permissions of var/log changed. Fixing the permissions gave me an exception of undeclared variables in _module.less.

Declaring the variables in the .less file fixed the problem.

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