I am using GET V1/products endpoint to fetch product list. I want to fetch sku and name only.



"items": [
        "sku": "5245",
        "name": "Test Product"
        "sku": "product 1",
        "name": "product 1"
        "sku": "product 2",
        "name": "product 2"

I am not getting total number of records in this response. I checked it on devdocs as well. It also has same type of response, please find link below.

Magento filtered response

Please help if anyone already faced this and solved it.


You need to select total count too to fetch it. Add total_count at the end of your request like this:

  • Thanks Kamal, I already found the solution and your solution is same what I did :) – Ramkishan Suthar Oct 22 '18 at 6:36
  • Welcome @AdityaShah – Kamal Paliwal Oct 30 '18 at 17:32

Ok I found the solution, I checked some core files of catalog module and I can see that search criteria and total records are not in items index so I just need to update my request like below.


I hope it'll help others, Happy Coding :)

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