In Magento 2.2.1 admin, I have set the unique value of attribute_X to "Yes" like so:

Properties -> Advanced Attribute Properties -> Unique Value -> "Yes".

Two different products in the catalog have these values for attribute_X:

  • Product A: 255
  • Product B: 255-x-170

When saving Product A, an error message pops up:

The value of attribute "Warehouse_SKU" must be unique

Apparantly, this happens because the value '255' is part of another unique value.

Saving product B has no errors, which is strange because it contains the same string '255'

My question is:

How can I avoid that the unique attribute value cannot contain part of a string that is used in another value?

In other words: I want the uniqueness of the value being applied to the string as a whole.

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