When I am trying to add a special character "&" in a custom product attribute option. The characters after it are cut off, & included. It does not work if you enter it as an HTML entity "&" either. Is there a way to add such characters as attribute options?

  • Can you please add your code here? – Rutvee Sojitra Oct 17 '18 at 5:35
  • There is no code. This happens when you try to add an attribute option for a dropdown - type attribute trough the admin interface. – Matija Oct 17 '18 at 5:37
  • Try with this code : &#38 OR & – Mukesh Prajapati Oct 17 '18 at 6:01
  • It does not help as both start with "&". Both get cropped. – Matija Oct 17 '18 at 6:05

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