I have a problem where a newly installed module is not working due to a conflict.

The result of n98-magerun dev:module:rewrite:conflicts:

module conflict

How would I solve this problem? Is there any particular way of re-writting those classes?


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Amasty has a great tool on fixing conflicts on rewrites, and provide the code for that after Link :

  • Go to

Admin panel -> System -> Amasty Extensions -> Extensions & Notifications -> Troubleshooter

  • Look for the conflicts that relate to Amasty conflicting extension and click Fix.
  • Flush the cache, and check the performance. In case a problem remains and the extension is not working, click Rollback and try out other offered solutions.
  • I tried using this tool, it didn't work tho. Magerun was still showing a conflict :/
    – Greg
    Oct 15, 2018 at 13:33
  • Try to change the helper path after extends or make modifications to the config xml rewrite tag. Oct 15, 2018 at 13:43
  • I managed to solve my problem! See my answer. Although, thank you for your interest. +1 from me.
    – Greg
    Oct 15, 2018 at 14:28
  • 1
    Glad you fixed that sir. Oct 15, 2018 at 14:35

I managed to get it fixed by using if condition and chaining them together.

I left the Amasty_Methods to extend core class


class Amasty_Methods_Helper_Payment_Data extends Mage_Payment_Helper_Data

Then edited the other Amasty module called Amasty_Payrestriction to extend the Amasty_Methods (Or core class if they module is disabled)


if (Mage::helper('core')->isModuleEnabled('Amasty_Methods')) {
  class Amasty_Payrestriction_Helper_Payment_Data_Temp extends Amasty_Methods_Helper_Payment_Data {}
else {
  class Amasty_Payrestriction_Helper_Payment_Data_Temp extends Mage_Payment_Helper_Data {}

class Amasty_Payrestriction_Helper_Payment_Data extends Amasty_Payrestriction_Helper_Payment_Data_Temp

At last, I edited the SagePay module to extend the Amasty_Payrestriction class or core class if this is disabled.


if (Mage::helper('core')->isModuleEnabled('Amasty_Payrestriction')) {
    class Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Helper_Payment_Data_Temp extends Amasty_Payrestriction_Helper_Payment_Data {}
else {
    class Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Helper_Payment_Data_Temp extends Mage_Payment_Helper_Data {}

class Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Helper_Payment_Data extends Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite_Helper_Payment_Data_Temp {


At the end, all I did was extending each class in following pattern:

Ebizmarts_SagePaySuite -> Amasty_Payrestriction -> Amasty_Methods -> Mage_Payment_Helper_Data

if any of the modules are disabled or removed, the chain will not break due to the if condition.

I hope someone will find this useful!

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