We have a requirement like a customer can quote an item and checkout on same time by click on the process to checkout button.

we have 2 type of products on our website. one for quote item and normal purchase products. if a user adds both products in cart and a user checkout with these products then quote item automatically quote and normal item automatically order with payment method like PayPal, Payzee etc. quote item price always we set to 0

if user checkout with quote item and normal product then the system will send automatically quote item to quote and checkout with rest item. So for e.g customer added 2 products in the cart, one is quote product which has 0 prices and another one in regular product.

Now they click on place order button and need to send 2 mail in this condition. 1 is the admin for email quote and 2nd is regular order email

How can we achieve this requirement in magento2? I can purchase any plugin if available

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