I built a custom module with some API endpoints.
For some technical 3rd party requirements, I need to remove the /rest/V1/ from the URLs (only for my module routes).
e.g. - Instead of domain.com/rest/V1/my-endpoint, use domain.com/my-endpoint
Is there a standard way for doing that?

  • I know that I can use controllers & routes instead, but I want to use the API.
  • .htacces is also not a solution.

  • Have you checked the answer ? @Pini Oct 15, 2018 at 5:36

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Nevermind, I just found this article on Magento docs which says that the /v1/ is required.

url. Required. String. The URL to the Magento resource. The string must begin with /V1 (or /V) to indicate the version number. You must prepend any template parameters with a colon. Example: /V1/products/:sku

*If someone have found a way to do that anyway, please share your solution. Thanks!

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