I'm currently hosting my personal development on DO. My droplet is 1CPU 2GB and 50GB storage. I'm having issues with load times, mind you this is only for development, so I wouldn't even mind 3-4 second page loads. After I'm deep into a few pages, it just gets stuck, almost like its run out of memory.

My question is to anybody that has this same droplet / type of hosting plan. Do you have issues as well? Also, new here, finally made the plunge, 10 years later! SMH


  • I had this issue only with this smaller droplet, on this one I have few stores and no issues. Like Herve said check logs and memory usage. – BartZalas Oct 13 '18 at 17:05

My thoughts are:

  • verify the cache are all enabled (or since it is dev envrionment only a couple may be disabled)
  • second, I would advise to use redis as it would not reload everything at every page load
  • finally, you may check error logs

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