External payment gateway integrate in magento 2. Any tutorial, link or any code please provide. Or any Suggestion please guide


You can google about it and would find plenty of resources about how to implement / create custom payment method module for magento.

there are 2 types of payment methods :

1 - Offline Payment methods: like , Cash on Delivery , Bank Transfer , Pay order

2- Online Payment methods Credit card paymen etc.

you can read in details about how these work here ( Magento payment provider gateway ) and here ( Payment gateway integrations and also you .Download Sample Payment method code.

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  • I just created a sample payment method but I want to integrate tiybr payment integration in it external payment gateway. So the tiybr gateway provide me html form and javascript page so I want to integrate this form in sample payment method can u pls elaborate or give reference how – jhon jhon doe Oct 13 '18 at 8:38
  • you should check how module-paypal express checkout is setup. this will give you idea how to submit form. Also, you can create a phtml file and submit with js code. ( using controller call that phtml file and post your data in there ). – Naveed Asim Oct 13 '18 at 9:56

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