I would like to use GrumPHP with my Magento 2, to be able to run simple verifications during my development, how can I do that?


I created this basic tutorial about how to install and use in your Magento 2 project, but to start without a lot of errors I recommend to use this method below.

1 - Run in your Magento 2 root folder via terminal:

composer require symfony/dependency-injection ~3.3.0
composer require symfony/yaml ~3.3.0
composer require --dev phpro/grumphp
composer require --dev jakub-onderka/php-parallel-lint
composer update -vvvv

2 - Create this file in your root folder:

  magento_dir: .
  bin_dir: ./vendor/bin
  hide_circumvention_tip: true
  process_timeout: 120
      file: ./composer.json
      no_check_all: true
      no_check_lock: true
      no_check_publish: false
      with_dependencies: false
      strict: false
      - "die("
      - "var_dump("
      - "exit;"
      - "console.log("
      - "ObjectManager::getInstance"
      triggered_by: ['php', 'phtml', 'js']
    #  standard: "./dev/tests/static/framework/Magento"
    #  tab_width: 4
    #  ruleset: [./dev/tests/static/testsuite/Magento/Test/Php/_files/phpmd/ruleset.xml]
    #phpcsfixer: ~
    #phpcsfixer2: ~
    #phpcpd: ~
      exclude: []
      jobs: ~
      triggered_by: ['php', 'phtml']
    securitychecker: ~
    xmllint: ~

References: Integer-net tutorial

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