I'm having issues when it comes to setting up a docker development environment for Magento Commerce Cloud.

I followed steps described here:


and I got up and running latest, empty Magento Commerce (Cloud) 2.2.6.
Nothing out of the ordinary.

Then I tried to repeat those steps to create working environment for the project (2.2.2) I'm currently working on. I cloned the project using magento-cloud get ************* -e development and copied docker-compose.yml file and docker directory from the clean template directory to project directory.

I expected everything would work the same, but a bunch of errors popped up.


#1 Command: docker-compose run build cloud-build
#1 Result:
[Magento\MagentoCloud\Filesystem\FileSystemException] The directory "/var/www/magento/var" cannot be deleted Warning!rmdir(/var/www/magento/var): Device or resource busy

After giving sudo to command above the error was slightly different

#2 Command: sudo docker-compose run build cloud-build
#2 Result:
[RuntimeException] Command git apply /var/www/magento/vendor/magento/ece-tools/patches/locker-process.patch returned code 1

How do I get over these errors? Is there something crucial I'm missing here? Could it be that there is an issue inside the actual project code?

Thanks in advance

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