I have created a filter to get product bellow is an examples:

$filter = array(
  array('attribute' => 'color', 'eq' => '2'),//id of option
  array('attribute' => 'size', 'eq' => '5'),// tried with many variations 'like', '=', 'in'
  array('attribute' => 'length', 'eq' => '8')


The above in the front end the selection is:

enter image description here

But my first result is -> enter image description here

I am only able to see exact matching filter somewhere down to the 10th result. not ideal.

How can I get just the exact match result? in this example I should only get product that has

color:blue, size:2 length:30


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Ok, There is another way which gives exact result explained here:

Filtering results using LIKE

code taken from above link:

$collection->addAttributeToFilter('name', array(
 array('like' => '% '.$needle.' %'), //spaces on each side
 array('like' => '% '.$needle), //space before and ends with $needle
 array('like' => $needle.' %') // starts with needle and space after

But my case is a foreach loop so the final result using the example above is:

     foreach ($filter as $key=>$value){
           array('like' => '%'.$value.'%'));

NOTE: no need extra space for me needed as mentioned!

This work as a treat!

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