I have added FedEx shipping method and I want to apply charges on multi pick-up address in FedEx shipping method.

Suppose one customer order 2 products and it is pick-up location also different then charges apply pick-up location wise.

I have discussed with FedEx support team he said you can apply multip pick-up charges on one order to the customer using API.

Anyone can tell me how to customize FedEx API?

My Magento v2.0.17


Anyone can tell me how to customize FedEx API?

  • Adding a flag for api
  • For FedEx API to know that it needs to return shipping estimate it needs to be given a “ReturnTransitAndCommit” flag.
  • Storing the response data API

you can find multiple references for Magento Fedex

  1. https://www.xadapter.com/setting-up-magento-2-0-fedex-shipping-extension/
  2. Magento2: Can we customize the FedEx shipping price?
  3. https://inchoo.net/magento/make-magento-fedex-api-show-shipping-estimate/
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