I installed the template shop4u and i see that just on one product the label new is displayed despite i set featured = true. Can any one explain to me this code:

if (($newsTo != '' || $newsFrom != '') && $_config->getAdvanced('show_newlabel')) {
        if (($newsTo != '' && $newsFrom != '' && $now >= $newsFrom && $now <= $newsTo) || ($newsTo == '' && $now >= $newsFrom) || ($newsFrom == '' && $now <= $newsTo)){ ?>
            <div class="label-product label-new">
            <span class="new-product-icon">
                <?php echo __('New'); ?>
        <?php }
    } ?>

specially getAdvanced('show_newlabel')) because the rest is clear. please any explanation and thanks in advance

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For this code $_config->getAdvanced('show_newlabel')) . In configuration there will be a field for show new label or not.

go to store->configuration->your module configuration and check for new label field .Its used for display new label or not.

  • yes it's "is featured" but why not displayed when i choose a date grater than to day to start the new product : just product news from today are highlited with this label Commented Oct 10, 2018 at 10:05
  • 1
    @DevelopperMagento just echo these two variable $newsTo and $newsFrom and check which dates are you getting . Then just check condition Commented Oct 10, 2018 at 10:27

if (($newsTo != '' || $newsFrom != '')) means newsfromdate or newstodate not be blank. You can set date from particular product.

$_config->getAdvanced('show_newlabel') this one like configuration to check label will be display on frontend or not. You can check it by System->Configuration


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