I am trying to override customer model file below is the code of my di.xml

 <preference for = "Magento\Customer\Model\AccountManagement" type = "Vendor\Module\Model\Rewrite\Customer\AccountManagement" />

Below is code for my model file

 namespace Vendor\Module\Model\Rewrite\Customer;

 use Magento\Customer\Api\Data\CustomerInterface;

class AccountManagement extends \Magento\Customer\Model\AccountManagement

public function createAccountWithPasswordHash(CustomerInterface $customer, $hash, $redirectUrl = '')
    // This logic allows an existing customer to be added to a different store.  No new account is created.
    // The plan is to move this logic into a new method called something like 'registerAccountWithStore'
    if ($customer->getId()) {
        $customer = $this->customerRepository->get($customer->getEmail());
        $websiteId = $customer->getWebsiteId();

        if ($this->isCustomerInStore($websiteId, $customer->getStoreId())) {
            throw new InputException(__('This customer already exists in this store.'));
        // Existing password hash will be used from secured customer data registry when saving customer

    // Make sure we have a storeId to associate this customer with.
    if (!$customer->getStoreId()) {
        if ($customer->getWebsiteId()) {
            $storeId = $this->storeManager->getWebsite($customer->getWebsiteId())->getDefaultStore()->getId();
        } else {
            $storeId = $this->storeManager->getStore()->getId();

    // Associate website_id with customer
    if (!$customer->getWebsiteId()) {
        $websiteId = $this->storeManager->getStore($customer->getStoreId())->getWebsiteId();

    // Update 'created_in' value with actual store name
    if ($customer->getId() === null) {
        $storeName = $this->storeManager->getStore($customer->getStoreId())->getName();

    $customerAddresses = $customer->getAddresses() ?: [];
    try {
        // If customer exists existing hash will be used by Repository
        $customer = $this->customerRepository->save($customer, $hash);
    } catch (AlreadyExistsException $e) {
        throw new InputMismatchException(
    } catch (LocalizedException $e) {
        throw $e;
    try {
        foreach ($customerAddresses as $address) {
             if ($address->getId()) {
                $newAddress = clone $address;
             } else {
    } catch (InputException $e) {
        throw $e;
    $customer = $this->customerRepository->getById($customer->getId());
    $newLinkToken = $this->mathRandom->getUniqueHash();
    $this->changeResetPasswordLinkToken($customer, $newLinkToken);
    //$this->sendEmailConfirmation($customer, $redirectUrl);

    return $customer;

Above code is not working for me, thrwoing below error.

Notice: Undefined property: Vendor\Module\Model\Rewrite\Customer\AccountManagement\Interceptor::$storeManager in app/code/Vendor/Module/Model/Rewrite/Customer/AccountManagement.php on line 42

All i need to do is i should stop sending emails for new customer registrations. so i have commented out this line

  $this->sendEmailConfirmation($customer, $redirectUrl);

Please anyone suggest on this. Thanks in Advance.


If you want to stop sending emails only, then you can simply override the sendEmailConfirmation function and return false.

use Magento\Customer\Api\Data\CustomerInterface;


protected function sendEmailConfirmation(CustomerInterface $customer, $redirectUrl)
    return false;
  • What is the file path of this function? – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:57
  • Same file and same path which you are using currently. – Dinesh Yadav Oct 9 '18 at 7:02
  • Thanks it worked, but newsletter subscription and unsubscription both emails are generating – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 8:18
  • Those emails are not dependent on this function. You have to customize their respective functions. – Dinesh Yadav Oct 9 '18 at 9:11
  • Yes, but why both the emails are coming, i selected checkbox – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 9:18

Please run below command and check:

rm -rf generated/*

php bin/magento c:c

php bin/magento c:f

This path Vendor\Module\Model\Rewrite\Customer\AccountManagement also fine no need to change

  • Checked but i am getting below error once used above code, Notice: Undefined property: Vendor\Module\Model\Rewrite\Customer\AccountManagement\Interceptor::$storeManager in – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:18
  • Please paste full error in question @jafarpinjar – Rutvee Sojitra Oct 9 '18 at 6:21
  • Yes i am updated my question, @Rutvee – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:24
  • @jafarpinjar please check core file where some variable are define protected and some are private.. so don't need to inject protected variable but you need to inject private variable – Rutvee Sojitra Oct 9 '18 at 6:33
  • yes i noticed, but its not throwing error for other variables like, mathRandom, addressRepository, these also private – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:37

I think you haven't injected the proper dependency in your preference:


   use Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface;

   class AccountManagement extends \Magento\Customer\Model\AccountManagement
     * @var \Magento\Store\Model\StoreManagerInterface
       private $storeManager;

     public function __construct(
        StoreManagerInterface $storeManager,
        $this->storeManager = $storeManager;

Inject rest dependencys also like this

clear var/*, generated

Also perform setup:upgrade.

Are you getting any error ?

  • let me check and confirm – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:09
  • Used your code, its not firing, I have commented this line but still emails are triggering for new customers – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:17
  • have a look here : magento.stackexchange.com/questions/139456/… – Narendra Vyas Oct 9 '18 at 6:19
  • That answer is not accepted, have you tried it , is it working? – jafar pinjar Oct 9 '18 at 6:20
  • no i havent, if you are getting Undefined property: Vendor\Module\Model\Rewrite\Customer\AccountManagement\Interceptor::$storeManager this error....... this is because you have not injected the dependency in your preference file... just go into the core file and see how $storeManager is injected in constructor... if you will do in same way then it will work – Narendra Vyas Oct 9 '18 at 6:22

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