How do I get items in the cart to apply discount if some product attributes are different, to explain. I have this rule set up for a 4 for £10 promo:

If ALL of these conditions are TRUE : If total quantity is 4 for a subselection of items in cart matching ALL of these conditions: Category is 26
Bottle Size is 10ml
VG/PG Mix is 50/50

and this works if the items are all the same. However, these items have different flavour (attributes) and when we add say 2 of one flavour and 2 of another the discount does not apply. It's the same scenario with different child/single associated products. I've tried adding flavours etc. to the rule but this makes no difference to the outcome.

Has anyone experienced this and found a resolve or can someone tell me where I am going wrong please as this is driving me insane?

I'm using magento

Many many thanks

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