I need to tag a free shipping label or ribbon on the image of all my products in Magento Community 1.9; all my products have free shipping and its really important to show free shipping image or tag on all the products on the front end of my website.

  • How to Add Free Shipping Icon to Magento Product Page, this is what i need exactly!!!
    – Marcos
    Oct 5, 2018 at 14:31

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There is a Product Labels extension, which you can use to manage labels in magento.

Or you can create a static block in Admin and make the block call within app / design / frontend / path / store / template / catalog / product / view.phtml


<?php echo $this->getLayout()->createBlock('cms/block')->setBlockId('block_identifier')->toHtml(); ?>
  • is there a way that i can make it without installing extensions to my Magento shop since i already have plenty of them? cant we just write a code and upload a product label image with a low size on the top right of the images?
    – Marcos
    Oct 8, 2018 at 6:18
  • The example I put in is a snippet of code that you can include a static block with an image on every product page.
    – Danilo
    Oct 8, 2018 at 13:06
  • your code work if i bough the product labels extension and add a new static block for the icon image, but i don't want that.can't i just write a code in HTML files or CSS and upload a tag free shipping for all my Magento products since free shipping dont have an exception, i can just select all and add this image
    – Marcos
    Oct 8, 2018 at 14:37
  • You do not need the extension to use the code, this code is a method to call a static block inside a phtml, the path I passed is the phtml path of the products page.
    – Danilo
    Oct 8, 2018 at 15:32
  • inside the static block once created, what shall i write? i only upload the desired icon?
    – Marcos
    Oct 9, 2018 at 7:19

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