Magento2.2.4, php7;

I have multiple stores where I want each one of them to have a different order number's prefix. Is there anyway to realize that?


Edit: I'm trying to avoid using raw queries, any other (safer) way ?


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You can manage it like below:

Magento 2 database contains a table name 'sales_sequence_profile' which has prefix column and every row contains a meta_id which relates with table 'sales_sequence_meta'.

Table 'sales_sequence_meta' sequence table names according to stores and type(order, invoice, shipment, creditmemo, rma).

  • sequence_order_* contains the last inserted order ids
  • sequence_shipment_* contains the last inserted shipment ids
  • sequence_invoice_* contains the last inserted invoice ids
  • sequence_creditmemo_* contains the last inserted creditmemo ids
  • sequence_rma_item_* contains the last inserted rma item ids

Basically this is just for understanding. You need to update the table 'sales_sequence_profile' and related sequence tables.


You can change this using by changing related store db tables. i.e

if your store id is 1 :

change prefix column value in your sales_sequence_profile table against your meta_id = 1;


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