Currently, I have a multiple language website. it's xxxx.nl. Its available in Dutch and in English.

I also own the domain .eu. Would it be possible to have the English version of the website on the .eu domain and the Dutch version on the .nl domain without making 2 completely different websites?

And also give customers the possibility to switch between the Dutch website and the English one just like the language switcher i have now.

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I believe your current website is using two store views (one for english and one for dutch). To set another store with a different domain you'll have to create a new website instead of a store view. This way you can use the same magento installation on the same server but with different domains. Regarding the switch menu, that only comes as default for the store views but you can create a custom link on the menu later.

  • Oke so i need go launch a multistore in order for this to work?
    – Nander
    Oct 5, 2018 at 11:09

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