Magento V. 1.7x

On the menu bar there are multiple categories like boats, cars, trucks etc.

Some of these categories, whatever is in Cars & Trucks are taking exactly 10 seconds to load. I am not sure why these are taking 10 seconds before they even show anything on the page.

Here is the page taking a long time to load: https://www.sealskincovers.com/index.php/landing/allcarcovers.html

This is another category page that loads fine: https://www.sealskincovers.com/index.php/landing/allboatcovers.html

I have performed all indexes to make sure its not an indexing issue.

Any help would be really appreciated. Thank you


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I think you could use gtmetrix.com and googlepagespeed to analyze and tweak some point that cause your website slow.

as I see on the checking result :




there is some points that you can do to optimize your website performance.

if it does not enough, maybe you could check the database too. enable the slow_query_log to see what query that most of take your server resource once you have found it you can do optimize database to decrease load time your website. you can follow this tutorial to activate slow_query_log :


Hope this help


I think this script you added is affecting the performance

Start of Woopra Code script (function(){ var t,i,e,n=window,o=document,a=arguments,s="script",r=["config","track","identify","visit","push","call"],c=function(){var t,i=this;for(i._e=[],t=0;r.length>t;t++)(function(t){i[t]=function(){return i._e.push([t].concat(Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments,0))),i}})(r[t])};for(n._w=n._w||{},t=0;a.length>t;t++)n._w[a[t]]=n[a[t]]=n[a[t]]||new c;i=o.createElement(s),i.async=1,i.src="//static.woopra.com/js/w.js",e=o.getElementsByTagName(s)[0],e.parentNode.insertBefore(i,e) })("woopra"); woopra.config('app', 'magento'); woopra.config('cookie_name', 'SSC'); woopra.config('domain', 'sealskincovers.com'); woopra.config('idle_timeout', 9000000); woopra.identify('customer_group', 'NOT LOGGED IN'); woopra.identify('customer_cart_items', '0'); woopra.identify('customer_cart_total', '0'); woopra.identify('customer_wishlist_items', '0'); woopra.identify('customer_wishlist_total', '0'); woopra.config('ignore_query_url', false); woopra.track('pv', {url: window.location.pathname+window.location.search, title: document.title}); end of script End of Woopra Code

Try to remove that and check the performance. By the way, i can see your dev website through production https://develop.sealskincovers.com , check the core config data if any skin url is related to dev site , or any hardcoded image of dev site is added in live site .

Try not to use dev url in production site. They can be easy hacked and may affect the production due to low security. The dev site is not ssl protected also.

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