Magento 2.2.5 CE

I cannot get the require.min.js file to load in the browser:


Which is breaking the admin so none of the menus or other features works.

Site is in production mode. Changing back to developer mode causes a host of other errors, so that's not an option at the moment.

I have tried:

  • Setting the file permissions to 777, no luck.

  • Setting the entire Pub directory to 777, no luck.


  • pub/static/ (except .htaccess)
  • var/cache/
  • var/page_cache
  • var/view_preprocessedre
  • setup:static-content:deploy , no luck.

The file is there, I can see it in the directory structure, however, Magento can't load it, and it can't be loaded in the browser. In fact, I can't load any adminhtml/ files

mod-rewrite is on, and other files in the pub/static/frontend/ folder are accessible.

  • What is the issue are you facing can you please screenshot in question and also add console log screen shot – Rutvee Sojitra Oct 4 '18 at 4:17

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