I wanted to remove Shipping method under checkout in magento.

I used this extension "Magetitan skippshipping method" using " Direct package file upload."

But it did't works. after that i copied every files into respective folder.

but still it's not working.

Can anyone give me the "Paste key extension" to remove or skip "shipping method."

I used zip format in windows . but i can't able to install magento extensions using Direct package file upload.

How to install magento extension properly using " Direct package file upload."

Thanks in Advance.


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You can easily remove shipping step from onepage checkout in magento, please go through with this post: How to remove steps from the Magento Onepage checkout?


Please Follow this link http://knowledgevalley.blogspot.in/2012/01/magento-skip-shipping-method-from.html


Remove Shipping Method


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