In Magento 2.2.5, I have a custom agrid. It has edit option and url parameters.

I need to create another grid in the edit page based on the url parameter. ie., I need to filter the custom grid based on the url parameter.

Note: Am not using ui component to create grid.

Code: https://pastebin.com/z9aww705


  • Could you please add your ui component file ? Oct 3, 2018 at 6:30

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Please find below line in your ui component file.

<item name="update_url" xsi:type="url" path="mui/index/render"/>

After that add below code after that line.

<item name="filter_url_params" xsi:type="array"> 
     <item name="id" xsi:type="boolean">1</item>

You can get filter data in your grid.

Still you have any query let me know.


Reference: Marius answer

In the layout xml file, change the Core Grid block to Custom Grid Block like below:

<block class="Magento\Backend\Block\Widget\Grid" name="apptha_merchant_post_grid.grid" as="grid">

Change this to:

<block class="Apptha\Customergroup\Block\Adminhtml\Response" name="apptha_merchant_post_grid.grid" as="grid">

Code of the Block File is:

namespace Apptha\Customergroup\Block\Adminhtml;
class Response extends \Magento\Backend\Block\Widget\Grid
public function _construct()
    $objectManager = \Magento\Framework\App\ObjectManager::getInstance();
    $referenceId = $objectManager->create('Apptha\Customergroup\Model\Deal')
//We'll get the Grid collection here by using this: $this->getCollection()
//We can filter it like addFieldToFilter method
//Here I am filtering grid collection using reference id
$this->getCollection()->addFieldToFilter('reference_id', array('eq' => $referenceId));

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