I have tried almost everything , i have even used an extension to over-write the url rewrite but i am not getting the point why i am getting 404 error . I am adding menu using mega menu extension is this an issue ? see the screenshot of the url maybe it will clear some ascpects i am trying to solve this issue from 3 days but no progress . enter image description here

  • Have you tried re-indexing? – Charul Tyagi Oct 1 '18 at 6:16
  • Please follow below steps: 1) Clear mega-menu cache 2) Do re-indexing using php bin/magento indexer:reindex command 3) run php bin/magento setup:upgrade command – Nilesh Gosai Oct 1 '18 at 6:22
  • i have disabled the mega menu extension .. but menu is not changed as by default all categories should be visible in menu ? – Flutterer Oct 1 '18 at 6:41
  • How many stores you have? – Sukumar Gorai Oct 1 '18 at 7:14
  • 1 store only... – Flutterer Oct 1 '18 at 7:29

Hey this issue only occur due to url rewrites in magento so i suggest you to run full indexing once and then clear cache then it might work.

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  • no i did run indexing so many times , nothing helped . – Flutterer Oct 1 '18 at 18:32

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