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I am trying to edit search engine robots from content and theme configuration but no option to edit. Version Magento 2.2.5 Any luck ?


If you navigate to

Store > Configuration > Catalog > XML Sitemap

and scroll down to Search Engine Submission Settings, you’ll find a setting that enables you to add the sitemap: directive to your robots.txt file

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If you enable this, the URL towards your main sitemap index file (the one that contains just two URL-s, the URLs of your actual URL sitemap and image sitemap) will be added to the robots.txt file that’s dynamically generated on your website and if you visit yourstore.com/robots.txt you’ll see.

Content > Design > Configuration

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In here you can open an accordion section titled “Search Engine Robots”.

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PRO TIP: If you’re having trouble saving the configuration at this step locally, try this fix.


Go to:

Content -> Design -> Configuration 

In the grid you will see a row which has only the website name no store view information, open that grid and you add the robots data.


If it's still not updating delete the robots.txt file from the server and try to access it again from a browser. It will be re-created

  • At last, I have found. Its not showing in root but when accessing from browser, its showing. Strange
    – Goutam
    Mar 5 '20 at 12:57

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