I'm trying to disable the redirection to cart when you clicking on add to cart. I use magento I heave searched on the internet for an anwser. The only option i find is to go to system->configuration->checkout and then disable the redirection. But when go to system->configuration i can't find the checkout. It should be under sale but it's not there. Does anyone know where i can find the checkout or how i can disable te redirection to cart after i click the 'add to cart'button. Tnx!

  • somehow the checkout returned in the configuration. My configuration looks like the picture again. tnx anyway for the fast responds! Jun 19, 2014 at 15:16

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Its's possible the website/store view is different to the default settings.

To change, In the top left corner, select the store under the "Configuration Scope". change it again there...


I think Its something wrong. I used magento and used this chekout tab. Please see one more time. I share a image which you can see the proper tab.

enter image description here

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